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Effectis Privacy Statement

1. About this privacy statement

Effectis finds it extremely important to protect your privacy. That is why it makes every effort to process personal data lawfully, honestly and transparently.

This Privacy Statement relates to all personal data that are collected and processed by Effectis, which is established at Zuiderlaan 1-3 in 9000 Ghent, and has company number 0598.792.975.

Contact details: www.effectis.be / info@effectis.be / 09/225.54.02

In this Privacy Statement, we explain what information we collect, what we use such information for and to whom we transmit such information. This Privacy Statement also explains which rights data subjects have and how they can exercise them.

“Personal Data”: personally traceable data; these directly or indirectly say something about someone as a person (name, email address, telephone number, national registry number, etc.).

“Controller”: the “owner” of certain personal data. This can be Effectis as such or a third person (a customer, for example).

“Processor”: the one who actually processes the data. This can be Effectis (as service provider) or a third person who processes the data of Effectis.

You can contact Effectis at info@ effectis.be for questions relating to this Privacy Statement.

2. Effectis as controller

Effectis processes Personal Data of natural persons with whom it has or has had a direct or indirect relationship or with whom it wishes to have a direct or indirect relationship in the future.

The Personal Data concerned are therefore of the contacts provided to it by its customers and suppliers, as well as the contacts at its potential customers and the Personal Data of potential employees. It also concerns data that (potential) employees of customers provide to Effectis while taking psycho-technical tests, assessments, training courses or coaching sessions while executing service provision agreements with its customers. Finally, Personal Data of people who complete the contact form on this website and/or who subscribe to the newsletter are also processed.

Effectis can collect or obtain the following Personal Data:
– Identity data (name, email address, mobile phone number, occupation and employer)
– Data relating to invoicing (VAT number, address, etc.)
– Data relating to one’s academic curriculum (for job application purposes)
– Data in the course of executing the service provision agreements with Effectis customers, including the data from psycho-technical tests, the tests and questionnaires that the person has completed, the data from the assessments, and training courses and coaching sessions
– Complaints that you submit or requests that you address to us.Identiteitsgegevens (naam, emailadres, gsm-nummer, beroep, werkgever)

Such Personal Data processing is necessary to do the following:
– Be able to be of service to our customers and, for example, be able to answer their questions, send their invoices, communicate about the services, etc.;
– Improve our website
– Be able to maintain and improve our customer relationship by means of sending newsletters
– Be able to keep in contact with potential customers
– Be able to recruit new employees
– Be able to collaborate with external consultants
– Inform customers on the psycho-technical properties of a (candidate) employee (in the case of an application for assessment, training or coaching course)

The legal basis for this processing lies in the following:
– The service provision agreement between Effectis and its customers and the legitimate interest of Effectis in providing such services effectively,
– The person’s consent;
– The obligation that has been laid down by law according to which Effectis must keep a record of certain data.

3. Effectis as processor

Effectis can also process Personal Data for third parties.

Effectis is the service provider vis-à-vis its customers. Effectis is then the Personal Data Processor. Personal Data that the person entrusts to Effectis as its customer to be processed as instructed by the Principal are exclusively used for the clearly outlined assignment. These data will never be used for any other purpose.

4. Automated decision-making

Effectis does not make any decisions based on automated processing or decisions that are made by computer programs or systems without involving a natural person. Any evaluation that is made at Effectis is made by human intervention and evaluation.

5. Access by and transmission to third parties

Effectis does not sell, trade or lease your details to third parties and transmits them to such parties solely and only if this is necessary to execute the agreement or to comply with an obligation laid down by law or a judicial order. Within reason, Effectis will attempt to inform the data subject about this in advance unless anything is subject to any restrictions laid down by law.

We only provide information to third parties to enable them to do their work. Such personal data recipients may use this information exclusively to execute the agreement between Effectis and the other party. They do not have the right to use the data for any other purposes.

6. Duration of the processing

Effectis does not keep your personal data any longer than is reasonably necessary for the purposes stated in this privacy statement. In any event, the personal data resulting from the tests, coaching and training courses will not be kept for longer than 1 year after such have been completed.

7. Confidentiality and security

The data will only be made available for perusal to Effectis employees who need them to do their job. With regard to the data generated by the psychological tests for selection, coaching, assessment or training courses, such can only be viewed by the candidate, the principal and the person responsible at Effectis.

Effectis undertakes to take all reasonable measures to the best of its ability to guarantee the protection of the Personal Data by means of technical and organisational security measures.

The Personal Data provided to Effectis will be kept for a maximum of 1 year after the coaching session has been completed or until the end of the contractual relationship with Effectis or, if necessary, at the Processor’s, on servers in Belgium or the European Union.

However, Effectis does count on the data subject to personally comply with the safety prescriptions at all times by personally ensuring, for example, that any unauthorised access to his or her login and password is prevented.

The data subjects recognise and accept that transmitting and keeping Personal Data are never without risk and, consequently, that the damage that they might suffer pursuant to the unlawful or incorrect use of your Personal Data by third parties can never be recovered from Effectis.

8. Hyperlinks

The Effectis website can contain hyperlinks to other parties’ websites. Other parties’ websites may also contain hyperlinks to the Effectis website. Effectis is not responsible for the privacy policy of other parties’ websites or the use of cookies on such websites.

9. Data subjects’ rights

Data subjects can exercise the rights below by contacting us at info@effectis.be, provided that a copy of their identity card is attached.

Right to access and rectify:
The data subject has the right to gain access to his or her personal data and to rectify any incorrect data, free of charge.

Right to erase and restrict:
The data subject has the right to request Effectis to erase his/her personal data. She/he hereby recognises that certain services and products cannot be provided or delivered if there is a request to have her/his personal data removed.

She/he can request us to restrict the processing of her/his personal data.

Right to object:

He/she always has the right to oppose his/her personal data being used. However, he/she must provide serious and legitimate reasons for this.

He/she can also expressly object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, for which no reason need be given.

Right of portability:
He/she has the right to obtain his/her personal data processed by Effectis in a structured, accepted and machine-readable form. He/she also has the right to have such data transmitted to other persons responsible for the processing.

Right to withdraw consent:
To the extent that the processing is based on the data subject’s prior consent, he/she has the right to withdraw such consent.

Right to file a complaint:
He/she has the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority:
Data Protection Authority – Drukpersstraat 35 – 1000 BRUSSELS
Tel. 02/274.48.00 / Fax. 02/274.48.35 / Email. contact@apd-gba.be

Please feel free to contact Effectis at info@effectis.be if there are any more questions regarding its privacy policy.

10. Amendments

This Privacy Statement can be amended. We recommend that you regularly consult this Privacy Statement to check whether anything has been amended.

Most recently updated version: 20 March 2019

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